The Fiat 500 was released to the European market in 1961. The car was designed to meet the need of the standard working class commuter. The Fiat 500 is quite a small model but this doesn't mean that it is a lower quality car in fact the 500 is one of Fiat's best selling models to date. In a day when you can get car insurance quote online you can also buy a modern 2012 Fiat 500 model online. The Fiat 500 maintains it's title as Europe's top economy car and in most likelihood will remain a classic bestseller.
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    Posted on March 27th, 2012

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    The 2012 Fiat 500: Compact is Cool!


    The new 2012 Fiat 500 once again proves that compact can be cool! In the beginning of the year, the 2012 Fiat 500 came only with one engine, i.e., 1.4 liter engine that offered either 5-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission. But as the time progressed and will progress, 2012 Fiat 500 will receive a lot of modifications, or rather improvements that will only add to the beauty of this model! Currently, Fiat 500 is available in its hatchback, convertible and Abarth models.

    2012 Fiat 500 POP

    This hatchback model of 2012 Fiat 500 comes with 1.4 L 4-cylinder engine, manual transmission, Bluetooth, iPod input, curtain and side airbags, traction control, stability control and up to 30 cty. It can therefore be truly called the basic model of 2012 Fiat 500.

    2012 Fiat 500 SPORT

    Again empowered with the 1.4 L 4-cylinder engine and offering manual transmission, this model comes with almost similar features like the one mentioned above, but also offers an optional navigation system if you wish to have it.

    2012 Fiat 500 LOUNGE

    The LOUNGE model comes with 1.4 L 4-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, Bluetooth, iPod input, satellite radio, stability control, traction control, navigation system, curtain and side airbags as well as optional navigation system.

    2012 Fiat 500 C POP

    C POP is the convertible version of 2012 Fiat 500 POP. With the other features remaining the same, C POP has the convertible top, which makes it even cooler as a tiny car.

    2012 Fiat 500 C LOUNGE

    Just like the C POP, the C LOUNGE is the convertible version of LOUNGE. It does also offer some additional features apart from LONGE features and convertible top.

    2012 Fiat 500 ABARTH

    The ABARTH looks a little classier or rather sexy than the other 2012 Fiat 500 models. Even though it has manual transmission but offers a pulsating look and drive to the customers. Its capable handling is something that is unique and fun.

    Overall, the great styling, amazing fuel economy, space apt for two people, capable handling and sport look makes 2012 Fiat 500 a cute little compact car that is great for making other envious! Talking on the downside, it has cramped headroom in the front and its wait-and-see reliability makes it a little disappointing.

    Nevertheless, various models of 2012 Fiat 500 make it absolutely tempting and prove that compact can be cool too. It can offer excellent performance and great assortment to choose from, especially considering that various other improvements are on the way of this cute little and cool creature called 2012 Fiat 500!

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    Posted on March 27th, 2012

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    Leasing a Fiat 500 for various advantages

    Leasing can be called an agreement in which you get the Fiat 500 on a lease from your dealer. So, basically, it is a kind of rent agreement between the lesser, i.e., your dealer and the lessee, i.e., you. In even simpler terms, when you are leasing a Fiat 500, you are actually planning to use the vehicle for a specific period of time that is agreed in an agreement and then returning it. If you wish to take an advantage of driving the brand new Fiat 500, you can always take assistance using the Lease Program of Fiat.

    Why to go for leasing a Fiat 500?

    When you lease a Fiat 500, you actually pay for the price of lease in accordance to the lease agreement that you have signed with the dealer or any other third party. Leasing a Fiat 500 is possible for a duration ranging from 1 to 5 years. The biggest reason why leasing can be beneficial is because it allows you to drive the vehicle over a period of time which originally can be too expensive.

    Also, it does not bind you some contract and so, on the expiry of the lease agreement period, you can either return the Fiat 500 or even upgrade it. The leasing of Fiat 500 therefore comes with a range of advantages. You can enjoy features like advanced technology, comfort of Fiat 500, fuel efficiency and all that without actually paying that large amount.

    Tax Saving Benefits

    The greatest benefit of leasing a Fiat 500 is that you are not entitled to pay the tax, which otherwise would have been an issue if you owned the vehicle. But because you are only leasing the vehicle and not buying it, so you can ward off the hefty taxes.

    Upgrade the model if you wish

    After leasing a Fiat 500, if you wish to upgrade the model, you can simply ask your dealer for that. So, this means you don’t have to search for the potential buyer while selling off your vehicle.

    Drive without buying

    Leasing a Fiat 500 enables you to drive the best vehicle without actually buying it. No maintenance issues come in the way because you get to drive the brand new vehicle. You can keep up with the latest trends of driving by leasing. Definitely leasing is a great option because it comes without the financial hassles and other issues.

    All you can do is drive with comfort and enjoy the luxury of Fiat 500 without even paying the hefty amount or tax charges!

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    Posted on March 27th, 2012

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    500 Fiat Abarth: Your tiny little pet!

    Everyone says that the little dragon is back with a bang! Yes, we are talking about the 500 Fiat Abarth that offers everything that you look in a car! The running costs, practicality, handling, quality, performance, safety and comfort- 500 Fiat Abarth offers you everything that you need. But now, let us have a closer look at this tiny little scorpion!

    The car looks cool!

    If the biggies think that driving the “big cars” or the classy sedans is cool, let them meet 500 Fiat Abarth! This is truly a compact little car that offers you a great ride and it does look absolutely cool. Cute, cool and comfortable- it has all the 3C’s that you might require!

    Performance: Offers you the “joy of thrashing”

    It is equipped with 1.4-liter turbo engine and a torque of 133 lb ft. But you have something called “The Sports Button” which gives you an option to raise this torque, of course, not to a huge amount! This can still be raised to a height of 152 lb ft, especially meant for overtaking. You see, the little pet comes with the unique joy of thrashing! Definitely, we are not recommending you to use 500 Fiat Abarth as a racing car to in your drag races, but it can definitely amuse you through its twisties.

    Comfort: small but average comfort!

    Of course, the 500 Fiat Abarth is small, but that does not mean it is totally uncomfortable. It can be good in the front, but it is not a great choice for transcontinental sojourns. Though, you can always pick up Abarth on a ride in your town or in the city. Here, it can be a great choice!

    Handling the Abarth

    If you test on the average British B, you will find 500 Fiat Abarth offering a propensity to bounce. It is tighter, harder and lower. If you plan to use your “Sports Button” it will drop on the power assistance of the steering. So, you can go fast, but do keep these handling issues in mind!

    How much does it run on?

    500 Fiat Abarth offers you 40 mpg. Insurance can be alright, but remember, Abarth only has 1.4 liter. So it can be called a bit pricey that way, but them it is not too bad!

    Overall, 500 Fiat Abarth can be a pretty descent choice for you and this cheeky little pet of yours can cost you somewhere around £12,500. If you are looking for your performance car, this one is a pretty good option, so go for it!

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    Posted on March 27th, 2012

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    Drive Fiat 500 home at a great price!

    It is for the very first time that a compact care like Fiat 500 has received 5-star rating in impact tests of EuroNCAP. The car is being built with a range of services and features. These include 7-airbags, which have been used as the standard equipment. Besides, the advanced ESP is also available with all forms of engines.

    Assortment in a single car!

    As far as the specification levels are concerned, Fiat 500 has provided for four specification levels as well as three engines during the launch. Besides, it is also available in 12 colours, which also includes the special six vintage colours from the 50’s and 60’s era. Fiat 500 is truly a wonderful car that also offers 15 different kinds of upholstery which includes Frau Leather and sophisticated Cordura. Apart from this, it is also available with 19 different forms of stickers and 9 kinds of rims, which means that a single Fiat 500 is available in wide assortment! The safety elements in the car include EBD function, ABS, ESP as well as ASR. A unique safety element also includes the hill-holder device.

    The layouts of Fiat 500

    There are two layouts of Fiat 500 and these are being used on Fiat models. The Magneti Marelli designs have been modified and revised to be utilized on the new car. It offers you outstanding handling, great comfort and excellent drive. As far as the brake system is concerned, Fiat 500 has front discs having 240 mm diameter and a solid version having 8V engine.

    The other version is Lounge version that features Chrome kit. It has the rear and front bumpers, the door handle and Chrome-plated inserts.

    Comfort and convenience

    Fiat 500 offers excellent convenience to the customers. The comfort features include power window, AC, rear armrest with cup holders, rear wiper, remote fuel filters, remote central locking, electric driver seat adjustment, door mirror, button and controls on the steering, folding rear seat, steering adjustment and much more.

    Price of Fiat 500

    This iconic little city car is available to you at a price range of somewhere between £9,396- £14,611. This is the standard price of Fiat 500 and you can check for the updated price or the price in your city from the dealer near your home. Do not forget to check online for the latest Fiat 500. The price of Fiat 500 might also vary according to the variations, specifications as well as different cities.

    All you need to do to check out the current price is find the Fiat dealer near your place and go research on the price of Fiat 500.


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    Posted on March 22nd, 2012

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    Some Random Fiat 500 pics


    Here are some random Fiat 500 pics that I found on the net for those of you that are Fiat fans like me :D

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